Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I ask, " Why are you not finishing your classwork honey?"

If you find yourself saying to your children "focus! focus! focus!" then you have been sounding a lot like me for the past few weeks.  Needless to say I am beginning to sound like a broken recording.  The wonderful Mrs. Peters the teacher of my daughters kindergarten class sent home a note the other day.  Mrs. Peters like any good teacher went on to express a concern and wanted to know if everything was okay with Sade.  Unfortunately, Sade had not completed the listening and writing assignment of the day.  I was so grateful she took the time to inform me of her observations.  I immediately started to think about what could I do to support her and help Sade be more successful in the classroom.
Keep Calm and Complete Classwork
I sat down with my little student and had a discussion about why she had not completed her class writing assignment.  Her response was simple she tried so hard to complete her work and she did her best. I thought to myself what can we do to improve your focus in class?  After considering what I know about my child pretend play is very important to her.  I give her 15 minutes upon arrival from school to unwind.  So I decided to move that around to the evening.  After reading a few articles to get some helpful ideas I have devised a next plan of action to help my little student focus throughout the day.
Family Planning requires a few tools and resources.
 Tool Box:
  1. How does the environment affect a child's brain development?                                    
  2. How to Improve Attention Spans:         

  3. Dietary plan:                          

    • I wanted to make sure that my daughters diet was supplementing those very important minerals that she would need to help with her brain development and function.  We I researched her multivitamin it was not even in the ranking 100.  Needless to say if your child has the type of diet that includes all the right amounts of the food pyramid then you beating half the battle.  Unfortunately, I am that parent that has to seek alternatives and supplement those nutrients that are  to the development of a healthy child with a developing brain.

  4. Book Recommendation YOU-Raising-Owners-Manual


  5. Calendar of events:

    • Depending on what region of the world you live in like me you have to consider that the winter season has required a few snow days and necessary indoor activities.  My child is probably experiencing a great deal of cabin fever.  So with the upcoming winter recess I will schedule activities with an opportunity to get out and socialize.  For example the movies, bowling and indoor ice skating.


Bowling is for everyone!

Lego Movie


It is always a great idea to reevaluate your family plan and to consider how personal lifestyle, academic goals and weather may or may not be affecting your child and their progress.  Please share your thoughts and any other ideas for me. Good luck!