Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Tools Equals Our Success

Its a new year and as much as we would like to start fresh we are still in the middle of quarterly grades, standards and goals.  After the holidays we can regroup and renew our approach to succeeding in school.  We are four months into the school year and whats so great is we should have a better understanding of what its going to take for our child to succeed in this year. For example,  we know homework patterns and we can support our children in building a stronger relationship with their teachers.   

Tool Box:

Great books to read for new ideas that are buzzing around the world!

I was talking to a fellow mom and she shared an important observation.  She thinks each year is going to be a great opportunity to teach our little scholars "Time Management Skills".  She thinks that teaching little students effective habits of successful people is the start to utilizing time efficiently and effectively.  By exposing our little scholars to new and effective ways of managing schoolwork and extra curricula activities we are building a strong foundation for success in the classroom and life.   It should create accountability, an awareness of what it takes to complete goals,  and how to prioritize.

Visual mapping:

You might think what age is too young to get started? As I watch my daughter grow and stretch as a person I have learned their is value in good practice and an occasional challenge.   To my surprise my daughter is well suited to meet most of those challenges.  What a great confidence booster!

Time for Action

So, reflect upon what is working and what to enhance as you think with the end in mind.  Aim higher for a balance and effective lifestyle.  As parents we should model and or learn these new skills we are trying to encourage.  It absolutely renews my life and my ability to reinvent myself in all these wonderful areas that I'm trying to nurture in my child.  So lets make it a family affair by setting goals, broadening our interest levels, exploring new learning styles and becoming life long learners.  What a gift and a legacy to share with our children.  Good luck!