Friday, December 13, 2013

Home School Connections

As the weeks have skated by everything seems so rushed.  I received a few notices from the teaching team at my daughters school to put it simply I appreciate the attempts to keep me current with what is going on in the classroom.  

Home school connections is the only way a parent can keep up with the latest topics, themes and activities in the classroom.  These Home School Connection notices include vocabulary words your child should know, symbols being used in the classroom, activities to practice at home and books you can buy to read that support what they are doing in the classroom. Here is an example:

So here are a few suggestions for other parents like me:

  • What I have done for my little student is created a word wall that I add to every two weeks.  
  • I have ordered books from the book list to read to her and add to my library. You can check your local library for similar text.
  • I have created a project based activity along with the suggested activities shared by the team.  This is to accommodate my child's other learning styles. 
  • I also use youtube videos for kids to research images and information for my little student.  She really enjoys a 3 to 5 minute video on topics such as tornadoes,  earthquakes and recently facts about fire.
During the transition into Common Core and standardized testing I have taken to being more involved and less shocked by the Department of Educations new realities.  I believe at times this system can hinder the growth of many to accomodate a new breed of students.  I am being proactive about her school work and my mission to be a partner in education.   I'm supporting my child through her learning and supporting these teachers who I believe love to teach.  I hope as parents and guardians you can too.  Good luck!