Monday, November 25, 2013

Our History

My name is Shaunette and I'm an educator, entrepreneur and a single mom. I'm proud to be a mother to a fabulous, sweet and energetic kindergartner. I love watching her grow into a self confident, secure and curious student.  I wish nothing but the best for her and the sky is the limit.  I started her education early as most parents do and should.  Before the age of  two she was painting, listening to nursery music daily, watching the preschool channel, visiting the Brooklyn Museum, and other local attractions.  I immediately started a daycare in my house where I could schedule activities for my little one afraid any other place would not stimulate the growth of my child.  It would be great that other babies could benefit from our nurturing environment as well.  

I eventually put my daughter in Brooklyn Preparatory School  a fabulous Christian based school for ages 3 to 6 and it proved to be a valuable experience. After the church dissolved kindergarten and first grade I was forced to investigate alternatives to my daughters future education. Honestly not as receptive to the idea of public school I asked around, I panicked and finally I thought public school classrooms are the best alternative at this point.  These classrooms have technology,  these schools have libraries, the premises are newly renovated and equipped with gyms and spaces for recreation right!?  

I have decided to create this blog for families like myself  who may be experiencing the same anxiety and frustration like I may be feeling at times.  I intend to sift, illuminate and change my view of the classroom.  I'm going to reshape my approach to relationships with my daughters school and teachers.   It will be interesting to see how building a line of communication with teachers and administrators may enhance my child's school performance and experience in a NYC public school.  A place where there at times is a veil of secrecy,  a break in  the line of communication between teachers and parents, and goals and outcomes are not clarified between teachers and parents.

So firstly, the goal of this blog is to break through a barrier of misunderstandings between teachers and parents.  Next, it would be great to redefine the role and purpose of the parent teacher relationship for many who don't know where to start or who may carry some bad experiences of their own into the new year.  Finally, all of this is to help myself strategically plan a school year where I can support my lovely child to grow and succeed in a system where there are too few a break through.  

So come along with me on my year to year journey where my daughter's school is now also my school and my daughter's teacher is now my teacher.  We are in this together.